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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sup Girl Commission

So it's been quite a while since I posted last! My girlfriend (finally) moved back to Savannah so most of my free time as of late I've tried to spend with her... you know making up for the time that we spent apart... But what I have finished is something that is not only for a good cause, but is dealing with a subject close to my heart.
The artwork below will be auctioned off as a set (original pencils, inks and a high quality print) at the Chicago Comic Con coming up on October 12th and is designed to raise money for the Marla Bea Benefit ( Check out the website for more info and to check out some of the other art that will be up on the auction block.


draigstudio said...

Awesome. Good to see your still in the loop. Drop me a line sometime. And are you going to Heroes??

Andy P Black said...

Hey man! We need to get together damn it! I been pretty busy as of late and I decided that my girlfriend needed to come back so I bought her a one way ticket and she's back living with me! I am going to Heroes and I have a table with Getty! I can't wait! How are things?!