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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Biggest Moment In My Life So Far Part II

It has been WAAAAY to long since I posted last! Just to fill you in on what I have been up to. I flew to California with my girlfr...I"ll get to that in a minute, picked up her car and drove it back to Savannah. I don't recommend that you try driving that but if you do bring along as good of a co-pilot as I did (thanks honey!). We then moved...which I think is probably what my Hell would eternity of looking at all of your stuff, wondering where it came from, packing it, moving it on one of the hottest days, unpacking, and then doing it all over again... Now for the big news if you made it this far... Sasha and I are engaged! I was nervous as all get out, but she said yes and now the planning begins!
I have also been hard at work! I recently finished illustrations for an upcoming TV show called the Phantoms of History (thanks Jamie!), another XCX Race poster (thanks Mike!), and a bunch of commissions(thanks Alex!). I am also working a some sketch cards for the upcoming Deal Yeagle "Mandy" trading card series, as well as a Moonstone Comics trading card series (thanks Steve!).
SO that''s some art.


draigstudio said...

What the hell man!! Congratulations on several accounts are in order! Where's my phone call so I can pimp you out. Since I am in charge of seqalab now. Any news about alumni getting jobs gets posted on the site. Beyatch! When's the date? Where you getting married? If it's cali Im boned

draigstudio said...

Could you email me a writeup of all your news please. I'll post it with a link to your blogsite and website.

k o w said...

Fantastic art, I found your site here through a link through a link and I have to say I'm impressed. Where else can I see your work?

Andy P Black said...

Thank you very much! You can see more of my work here

Steve said...

Dude congratulations man! Glad to hear all the good news.